SCC Construction is a design and build company, based in Vancouver BC, providing seamless project management through close interaction with our clients. Contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation

About Us

SCC Construction, was founded on the belief that a beautifully designed space can also be cost effective.
Sun Capital Corp. (SCC) began redeveloping properties in Vancouver, BC in 2003, focusing on the restoration of heritage buildings, merging modern design with classic architectural features. While searching for construction companies to work with on our projects we found it difficult to find anyone who was both design-focused and still reasonably priced. Sun Capital Corp. recognizing such a need in the Vancouver marketplace formed its own construction management services, bringing together quality design and build services at a reasonable cost.

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Why Choose SCC?

  • Our open straight-forward communication allows our customers to be comfortable asking questions at anytime throughout the project.
  • Our experienced staff will walk you through our entire process step by step from beginning to end, and report regularly with our progress minimizing problems along the way.
  • SCC will take care of the building applications and permits meeting all the requirements for your project.
  • We believe great design and quality work can also be done cost-effectively and will work closely with you to determine and ensure all your needs are met.
  • We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship, delivered on time and on budget.
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Our Inspiration

  • inspiration1

    Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (1st century BC) is known as the father of architecture.
    The Roman author and engineer set out three principles of architecture: Solidity, Usefulness and Beauty.

    Vitruvius showed how a circle could be drawn using a square.

  • inspiration2

    Vitruvius’ influence famously inspired Leonardo d Vinci’s Virtruvian Man depicting the human relationship to the fundamental geometry of the cosmos – the circle and the square.

    Leonardo da Vinci extended the principle of the perfect proportion to the human form.

  • inspiration3

    Inspired by the simplicity of perfect proportion in design and nature, SCC’s icon is modelled after the drawings of Vitruvius and da Vinci.

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Proud member of NAIOP and the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Commercial Real Estate Development AssociationThe Vancouver Board of Trade