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Where Do I even Start?

Planning and deciding on your needs for an office build or redesign can be a daunting task; we often find that people sometimes don't even know where to start.

Here's a few tips to help you get the most from your office design project by helping you outline your main objectives and requirements for the project to create the perfect workspace for your needs.

What is your objective?
Here are a few simple questions to get you thinking about your main objectives for your workspace.

Consider separating items for your “Must Have” list versus your “Like to Have” list.
Sometimes this will help clarify what you really need.

Think about what needs you need to accommodate for:

  • Will all staff have offices; or will some be in shared open space?
  • Multiple meeting/breakout rooms
  • Staff Lunch/Kitchen/Recreation Areas
  • Reception Area
  • Room for Support Staff
  • Do not forget to include items such as your networking requirements.
  • Will you need a server room?


  1. What benefits are you hoping to bring to your business?
  2. What you are looking to accommodate? More people, a more agile working environment, better collaboration, an open work environment?
  3. What does the future hold for your business? Consider your growth strategy and make sure it’s accommodated to allow you to move your business into its next phase. Additional meeting rooms and staff amenities are often overlooked in a growth expansion.
  4. Which areas will be included in the project? Don’t just think about work areas, but also washrooms, lunch area, reception and breakout rooms.
  5. How much of existing fixtures and features will remain? Will existing fixtures look out of place next to the new design? Which furniture will be replaced?
  6. What changes would your existing staff like to see included in the project? You can’t accommodate everyone, but consider asking what your staff would request in their new workspace. There may be common themes that you hadn’t thought of.
  7. Are there any branding opportunities you want to include? Where will your signage be located?
  8. How important are green/eco initiatives in your new space? Are there building requirements for recycling and disposal? What about design?
  9. What is your actual budget and required schedule? Let your prospective contractor know if you have a specific budget or time constraints in mind so that they can tailor the project proposal and design to your needs from the beginning and make recommendations in the initial proposal.
  10. Are any funds being provided by the building landlord? Will the landlord cover or execute any of the work themselves?

Once you've answered these questions you're well on your way to having an obtainable vision for your new space. Let us know if there's other items that we've missed!

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